colina village June 2001

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colina village June 2001

Post by Guest » Tue Jan 28, 2003 12:13 am

hi colina,

we visited colina village for 2 weeks from 21st june - 5 july 2001.

we had a fantastic holiday, unfortunatley we could not get booked up for 2002, and ended up having a terrible time at the honario apts, in which was supposed to be, as advertised in the sky holidays as villamora, but in fact was a dump called quarteria.

nevermind, just wondering if anyone remembers us.

how can i forget our fisrt night, when my partner Harry proped up the bar until 4 in the morning, cheers Vasco, you must remember Harry the short Irish guy, who just about drank everthing you gave him on that first night!!

any we had a fantastic time at colina village, if anyone remembers us, please email us at

we had 3 children Sallie, Leah and baby Owen


Post by Guest » Fri Jul 18, 2003 5:19 pm

hey just came back from a holiday in colina village.

ive hada fantastic time in the appartmewnts and wish i was still there. your hospitality is overwhelming and i wish you alll the best!

ive fallen for your Barman (the one with the printed shirts and lens-less glasses). (i think his name is Miguel) if you can tell him to contact Rachel. at this address he'll know who i am!!

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