Walk Monday 20 March 2023 : Montes de Cima. CLOSED

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Re: Walk Monday 20 March 2023 : Montes de Cima. CLOSED

Post by williew »

Any room let us know

Willie & Carol
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Re: Walk Monday 20 March 2023 : Montes de Cima. CLOSED

Post by Geoff »

As it was our last walk, I ignored my usual rules and we had 25 walkers and 20 lunchers and 3 dogs : Bertie not liking the hot weather any more than the wet! We were soon down to 23 walkers as Susan thought she could walk and talk and see where she was going all at the same time : the multi-tasking proved a tad too much, so she returned to the shade of the Honey Cafe to rest-up & prepare for lunch....well, that was her excuse anyway.

The rest of us had a great 2 h 15 mins walk, without the first steep bit, and Don took our group photo using his new gizmo;
IMG_2166.jpeg (112.29 KiB) Viewed 245 times
We wondered why some people drive half way up a hill to dump rubbish...
20230320_115049.jpg (217.12 KiB) Viewed 245 times
It was then back to O Tasco , where Susan seemed fully recovered, and a very nice lunch of chicken ( frango assada) or prawn omelette....
20230320_131253.jpg (99.66 KiB) Viewed 245 times
20230320_131304.jpg (96.05 KiB) Viewed 245 times
Thanks to all who came....and sorry that the other table didn't seem so well endowed with vinho as ours...I have to confess that I overcharged some people! Perhaps due to the vinho, perhaps the unusual presentation of the bill, perhaps mental arithmetic. Anyway, the bill was 240€, 12€ pp so with tip say 13€....which is what I had earlier said and what those that left earlier paid, I believe. Somehow this got changed to 15€ pp. Anyway, I gave them 270€ to include tip, leaving me with 22€.

I did say yesterday that I would donate that to Mike & Sue's charity ( they used to walk with us) , but if anyone wants their 2€ back, pse let me know & I'll make a note for next time you walk with us. Sorry about that!

Anyway , otherwise a great end to our walking season, glad to see that Willie is carrying on. Hope to be back May/June, otherwise November.
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Re: Walk Monday 20 March 2023 : Montes de Cima. CLOSED

Post by Saryan »

Many thanks for organising the walks Geoff, Sue , Linda Russell, David and Mieke. I'm almond recovered. I learned not to walk, talk and look around during a walk especially on easy terrain. Looking forward to walking with you all again in the autumn. Susan
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Re: Walk Monday 20 March 2023 : Montes de Cima. CLOSED

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