Top 10 activities for kids

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Top 10 activities for kids

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Re: Top 10 activities for kids

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Some additional ideas for animal lovers.

Lagos Zoo
Imagine a safari park that you can walk round. Very good range of animals with very few cages to be seen, very well planned out. Good shaded areas so a bit more comfortable for hot days. Café was well stocked but not super healthy (a common theme across most of the attractions)

Park de Mina
A mix of petting zoo and museum. This is a more low key attraction, slightly old fashioned and quite rustic in places. There’s animals to feed and some lovely spots for a picnic.

Quinta Pedagogica ... pedagogica
This is a city farm/petting zoo tucked away at the end of a residential street (the sat nav only got us to within 100m, we had to ask exactly which street it was in). It is run by locals for locals so don’t expect the usual tourist amenities. There isn’t a café and English is not the primary language spoken. There is a fair range of farm animals, a little market garden, a little play area etc. well worth a trip as it is so close and is a good way to spend a few hours. No entry fee but donations welcome.
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