Willie at 70

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Willie at 70

Post by Geoff »

Happy Birthday 12 August Willie...join the club of those who have managed their three score years and ten.
Carole beat you to it, see : http://www.forum.carvoeiro.com/viewtopi ... 6e5d1846d7

Thought you might like to enjoy these photos from the archives : some walking, most eating and drinking...and drinking....don't sit near Willie if you want any red wine!
20190119_213144.jpg (64.96 KiB) Viewed 1766 times
He sid this montage to celebrate my 10th walk...
Geof2.jpg (244.91 KiB) Viewed 1766 times
P1190449 (1).jpg
P1190449 (1).jpg (56.8 KiB) Viewed 1766 times
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Re: Willie at 70

Post by gordon »

Congratulations Willie.

Lets hope we can all meet up in Carvoeiro in the not too distant future, have a walk and some of that great Portuguese red wine!

Gordon and Janet
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Re: Willie at 70

Post by Dafmie »

Hi Willie

Happy Birthday from David and Mieke.

We are looking forward to being back with you in October for more walks (and wine...)
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Re: Willie at 70

Post by sue2215 »

Happy birthday Willie!
Hope to see you all in October,
Sue & Steve.
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Re: Willie at 70

Post by MikeAlmond »

Belated happy birthday wishes Willie. I hope you had a great day. See you again soon.

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Re: Willie at 70

Post by Geoff »

And an ode from Sue....

Ode to Willie

In 1950, in fact 70 years ago
Robert, Lovely Rita and Ellie had a bro.
On 12 August young William was born,
A time to rejoice, not to mourn.

This was in Glasgow, a long way away
Where Billy would live for many a day.
He went to primary and Albert Senior School
Where he took work seriously and NEVER played the fool.

Then to Uni, still in Glasgow, at Strathclyde.
He became Willie and the name Billy died.
There he met this wonderful girl.
Carol sent his mind in a whirl!

There was a cup final to which he had to go
Despite Willie fancying Carol so.
Celtic won; so to the Union he went.
To celebrate was his intent.

This young man had too much to drink.
Well guess what happened, have a think?
Carol went there seeking Willie on a whim
Willie lay on the floor, she tripped over him.

Carol, Willie did worship and adore
So these two were married in 1974.
They settled down in a place called Bothwell
Where life was Heaven, far from Hell!

Nicola was born in 1978.
6 December was the date
Then came Melanie in 1982
At a time when there was plenty to do!

Willie worked with Sub Soil Surveys in Manchester.
His first proper job, he wanted to purr.
Then he worked for GKN
With many women and also men.

Ryton was the place where they sent him.
This young chap was full of vigour and vim.
So in 1982 they moved the family
To Kenilworth where they were as happy as could be. .

In Kenilworth Willie joined the Round Table
Where he made as many friends as he was able.
With this group he was never bored,
When not at home he stayed with Tablers abroad.

Also for Geotechnics did Willie work
Where his responsibilities he didn’t shirk.
Then he had his own company, IGES,
As far as I know it wasn’t for ages.

Willie sold IGES to Applied Geology.
He wasn’t going to give it away for free.
He then continued to work for them
Where they discovered they had a gem!

The family moved locally, once again
Where Willie and Carol still remain.
1988 was the year
And Willie would be able to cheer and cheer.

It wasn’t because they’d moved next to a pub,
No, they’d moved next to the Rugby Club!
This made Willie so happy, you see
And for 20 years he was made Secretary.
The Club were so happy with this gent
That since 2002 he’s been President.

He’s followed the Six Nations for many a day,
Following Scotland at home and also away.
In Paris, an opportunity he wasn’t going to miss,
Was meeting Princess Anne and giving her a kiss!

In the year 2004,
Willie and Carol wanted more
Than being at home in the UK
So they bought a house which they have to this day.

This was in Carvoeiro where there is lots of sunshine
And plenty of restaurants where they can dine.
If Willie isn’t walking there, near or far,
He’ll be drinking and cheering at Hemmingways Bar!

2020 will make some frown
‘Cos this is the year we went, into lockdown.
But Willie and Carol were not here
Just sunning themselves in Portugal, over there

Now let’s all raise our glasses and cheer
To wish Willie, who we hold to us dear,
A Happy Birthday and now let’s say
Many Happy Returns of the Day!
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Re: Willie at 70

Post by Lowthian »

Congratulations Willie, and Happy birthday.
Hopefully see you both soon.
Colin and Sharon.
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Re: Willie at 70

Post by frankiva »

Happy Belated Birthday Willie!
Wishing you all the best.

Frank and Iva
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Re: Willie at 70

Post by gillandjim »

Well done sue on happy birthday Willie !!!
Sorry it's late but better late than never HAPPY 70th BIRTHDAY WILLIE!!🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷😎
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Re: Willie at 70

Post by Don »

Happy belated 70th Willie! I hope you had a great day, and I hope to raise a glass with you in the not too distant future!


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