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Jobs forum

Post by Gambrinus » Fri Jul 01, 2005 8:27 am

Dear Users,

Having noticed the odd job search or offer disappearing into the vast voids of chit chat and The General, we here at thought this little section might come in handy.

The section is registered users only, all job offer/search adverts are free of charge.

To make this section as structured and functional as possible (not like it is going to be overflowing with posts in the first months, but you never know), I would like to offer some guidelines for posting on here.

1. Title: When you entitle your thread, please try and be as specific as possible about two things a) searching or offering b) especially when offering, a rough description of the line of work.

2. Content: For job seekers a structured CV post is advisable. Job offers should be kept compact with details on location, working hours (part or full-time, etc), required qualification and any other relevant details.
Please refrain from chatting, discussing or commenting :)

Lastly, to keep this section usable, all topics will be deleted after six months. If you have not had success with your advert after a couple of months, please feel free to re-post it by copy-pasting it into a new thread.

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