Beach/Rock fishing near CVO

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Re: Beach/Rock fishing near CVO

Post by papajock »

Any chance of passing on some of the tips, then. I'm out third week of May and have previously spent many a peaceful but fruitless hour on Algar Seco at the bottom of the Escandihnas Pescadores (spelling?). I would like to be able to catch at least one decent fish during the week.
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Re: Beach/Rock fishing near CVO

Post by EMM »

It has taken me a while before I started to catch anything.

The tactics I use are a 14 ft rod with a sliding float ( wts 10 -30 grammes ) set to present the bait just off the bottom with a small wt 20-30 cm above the hook ( Size 1 ).
The bait is pcs of fish or prawn and worms but these do attract the tiddlers,
Folowing the advice of the locals I tie the bait on with a few wraps of elasticated thread.
If you can throw in some groud bait ( I use mashed up bread and prawn heads ) it helps. It does not compare with the smelly sardine mix the locals use ).

If it is not to rough or rocky I ledger with the same baits but the bottom is very rocky so be prepared to lose leads,

I bought a pack of small frozen carapau from continente for bait, defrost as many as I need.

I try to start fishing about an hour before high tide.

Hope this helps.
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