Pani. Spectacular Views. But is that enough?

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Pani. Spectacular Views. But is that enough?

Post by e-richard »

New Restaurant Pani, up the West side, past Atlantic View (nee Rascals), past Tia Ilda overlooking beach and sea is yet another Indian Restaurant.
Fairly standard Indian restaurant menu with some Goan influences and good variety of Tikka dishes. We found it above average, but not quite up to the creativity and subtleties of taste that we love at Pashmina for example.

Clearly a lot of money has been spent refurbishing this old fisherman's cottage and the result is extremely tasteful decor with a roof terrace guaranteed to be full all summer. The service was good, but could be better. We put that down to teething troubles that one expects to have been ironed out by now. However, despite all the efforts to go up market with linen tablecloths and glass walls, the meals were not over priced. In fact, I'd suggest very reasonable for the setting. Mar D'Fora take note !

Absolutely essential to book if you want a table outside upstairs at the moment, but come winter, even the ground floor looks to be very welcoming with great views albeit quite small.

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Re: Pani. Spectacular Views. But is that enough?

Post by roy4eyes »

We had a take away for 6 from here and the mains were good - voted 8/10 - but the starters were frankly pathetic with just 4 each of shrivelled up onion bhajis, chicken and vegetable pakoras - voted 2/10. So the jury is still out on this one and looking forward to more reviews.
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Re: Pani. Spectacular Views. But is that enough?

Post by Wiltsie »

15 years now we've been returning to Carvoeiro and 10 years in Late August/early Sept. We came home on Tuesday afternoon after spending 2 weeks in CVO.
Visited Pani, run by Suni, who was at Haweli Indian for a number of years.
My wife and I agree with e-Richard's post. We went to Pani on our 2nd nite, sat on top as Suni kindly squeezed us in at last minute. Food was pretty decent but we mistakenly asked for it 'hot spicey' and it was too hot. Samosas look mass produced ones so not impressed with them.
Teething probs re service - my wife waited 20 mins for glass of white wine whilst i was halfway through a 660ml bot of cobra.
I'm sure they'll improve BUT.....

We tried Pashmina for first time on our 2nd Wednesday. WOW!!
The starters of Chicken Pakora and Veg Samosas were absolutely superb! The Chicken Dopiaza and Chana Masala mains were just the right spice heat and the seasoning and flavours...Ooohhh....amazing! Service was impeccable. Had a decent chat with the main waiter there about their origin; Northern India, Punjab region.
Pashmina an absolute must if you like a more authentic Indian in my view.
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Re: Pani. Spectacular Views. But is that enough?

Post by madaboutangling »

Went tonight and really enjoyed it. Agree forget the starters but the mains were really good and so generous you don’t need starters anyway. Superb terrace view. Book and get there well before sunset.
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