villa management companies

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villa management companies

Post by keithpovah » Thu Jul 11, 2019 4:09 pm

hello again,

I have had quite a few people contact me wanting to discuss villa management companies and various issues they have had. It seems reliability and attention to detail are recurring themes. However I have had a recent problem with Algarve holiday lets and these were not the issue. Algarve Holiday Lets are part of Algarve Home Sales (estate agents), which is their main business and probably their priority.

In future correspondence, I WILL NOT BE RECOMMENDING ALGARVE HOLIDAY LETS, because....

after I had cancelled their contract to look after my villa, they immediately stopped cooperating, by not returning phone calls and making themselves unavailable to meet up. I paid them in full in good faith, so that I could get my keys back from their office (with the benefit of hindsight, this was a mistake !) and when I went back in to my villa (alone), I found some damaged items and some other items missing. I had been the last person to use the villa 4 weeks previous and the only people who had had access to the villa in the intervening time were the staff of Algarve Holiday Lets.

Of course they are not accepting any liability and say that my claim is unfounded. But how else could these items have been damaged or gone missing ?
I certainly wouldn't have done this myself and given myself all this hassle ! I have estimated that they owe me in excess of € 400 and I doubt I will ever see any of that. These are the facts ! Such a shame and it leaves a bad taste in the mouth. Please be warned !

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Re: villa management companies

Post by DaveF » Wed Jul 17, 2019 10:19 am

Just for some perspective...

We have been using AlgarveHolidayLets for some time now and have always found them easy to work with and very helpful. Of course, how you deal with customers/clients at the end of a contract is never an easy process and will vary from company to company and we have not had to go through this process. However, in terms of dealing with the administration of our property and the guests staying there, AlgarveHolidayLets do a very good job for us.


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