best places to eat

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best places to eat

Post by redgnasher » Mon Jul 28, 2003 5:37 pm

Only went for 7 days... but went to quite a few restaurants
Happys= We went to book on a Tuesday, couldn't get in until Saturday. We went on Saturday, people were coming in and were told it was fully booked until Firday. So go on your first day and ask when it is next avaliable or you could miss out. A great place to eat, the best place we went to. Friendly staff, including the funny Dutch man!!! I had marinated spare ribs, but Fish and Chips are suppose to be great (my mum and dad had them), although order a small fish, because the big fish are huge!!!!
Fernandos Stone Steak= Went there twice, you get to cook your meat on a stone. Me and my sister (being kids) found this great! A friednly atmosphere and a pleasant place to eat
O Salmao = Very nice and very pleasant. I had the lamb chops in mince source, again along with Fernandos is on Mounte Carveiro. We were recomended this by the lady from Cocktai Garden (sorry frogot your name!!!). She used to work there and it was brilliant. Fernandos was only better because you cooked your food on a stone!!!
Chef O Antonio = It looks like someones house from the outside, but it is infact a restaurant!!!! The pink railings put me off a bit (being a boy), but it is a great restaurant with plenty of choice. Was extremly busy when we went so try and go slightly earlier to ensure you get in. I had a saltimboca which was fantastic, although it was huge, so I didn't manage to finish it all!!!!
Restaurant on the hill, 2 places down from the Sports shop, has a thermometer on the outside= can't remember its name! But it was a great restaurant, I had pork chops which were brilliant, the Saltimboca is also highly recomended
Catz Pyjama Pizzeria = Went here twice too. The pizzas are nice, but agagin a large pizza is huge. The mozzerla Sticks were delicious and this place is ideal for kids

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Post by maddi » Mon Jul 28, 2003 5:42 pm

Brilliant report redgnasher and great to see you posting your views :)


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