Fried Gamba's

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Fried Gamba's

Post by So-Dutch » Tue May 18, 2004 12:57 pm

One of my first visits to Porugal I visited an italian reastaurant At the 'Areias Sao Joa' (The Strip) in Praia da Oura.

It was in this reastaurant that I ate Gamba's prepared the way I like 'M utmost!

It surprises me that hardly any restaurant that I know of prepares them like this. I know a variant i used in the Japanese Kitchen but hey ok here comes the recipe (with some add ons):

Of course Gambas , Flour, Eggs, Slat, peper, Olive oil (to fry), Lemon,mayonaise (not the salty one), ketchup, whiskey or sherry.

First you make the fresh cocktailsauce by mixing mayonaisee, ketchup, tiny bit of whiskey (the amount is personal!). You could add a bit of cream.

Second, mix flour, eggs, salt and pepper (not too much salt+pepper!) till you have a sticky mix (that will stick to the Gamba's). To make sure the mix i sright use small amounts of either fisrt so a bit of flour, egg etc..

Okl when your sticky mix is ready Throw in the gamba's .

Heat the olive oil ( enough oil to let the gamba 'swim') till it has a fry temperature ( you can check by putting a tiny piece of mix in and see if it fries)

Put in the Gamba's in small portions till they get a light brown colour.

Serve warm on a plate together with slices of lemon and the 'cocktailsauce'.

This is absolutely my favourite recipe (and Spanish Tortilla)!

All the best,


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Post by april » Tue May 25, 2004 12:31 am

Ok here's another gambas recipe for you- we do this as our house special at work. 6 big king prawns per person - defrosted if frozen. Now first get a bowl (big) and add a good handfull of flour, salt and pepper.some worcestershire sauce. a squeeze of lemon and an egg . mix together and add the prawns. make sure they're nicely coated then chuck them in the fryer or a pan of hot oil for 3 mins or so til they're cooked through. in the meantime put a little oil in a wok- veggie oil or sunflower- not olive it tastes too strong- add a palmfull of chopped spring onions and some dried black beans-from the chinese delicatessen-throw the prawns in- :P add a slug of dry sherry a glass of dry white wine and a ladle full of gravy- see you knew you kept that gravy for something! serve piping hot with some crusty bread and a wedge of lime.



Post by So-Dutch » Thu Jun 03, 2004 10:01 am

8) well april your gamba's sure sound nice.......................Yam! I hope on my trip to Portugal some restaurants will have pickes up our Gamba REcipe's..........take care

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