Gastronomy Event in the Algarve

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Gastronomy Event in the Algarve

Postby Algarvechannel5 » Tue Dec 22, 2009 2:21 pm

The Algarve is full of great food and great restaurants. There is also the occasional gastronomy event that happens here in different towns and regions. The Barrocal region or more specially Messines just finished their 4 th Semana Gastronomica event a couple of weeks ago. 10 restaurants participated and the food was GREAT !

 It's quite a different type of cooking then you would see closer to the coast, more stews and "hardy" food. Meet the chefs and learn more about these participating restaurants by seeing these videos produced for the event ... and maybe even take a little trip out to that region for the holidays ..... sit by a cozy fire and eat some comfort food ! :D 

Warning ... don't watch on an empty stomach :wink:
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